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About Me...
The language of my work is a collection of images from nature. I draw my initial conceptual drawings and compositions from my personal observation of energy; underwater environments, star constellations, plant vegetation and the movement of living organisms are my subject matter.  I rely heavily on the basic elements and principles of art, and in the organic representation of line, texture, shape and movement within our environment.
My process begins as an experience, a meditation, which transforms into a sketch, and then into a series of sketches.  Although the process begins with a natural inspiration, some sort of motif, line or shape, the end result, or final piece is a one of a kind.
The paint, tools and materials provide me with an abundance of  joy and the opportunity to manipulate and create a visual story.  My goal is to capture the essence of nature rather than a representation of this reality.
The thirst for exploration and visualization always leads me to create; to try out new techniques or mediums.   It is the discovery and the beauty of our world that keep me forever captivated and engaged in the imagination of my mind.

 My Training.....

My formal training began in the 1980's as a Design Major focusing in illustration, textiles and the 3-dimensional mediums. After having children, I completed a Recreation Therapy Certification, mainly in art, music and movement, working primarily with the elders and focusing on those suffering from Alzheimer's Disease.  I later acquired a Masters in Integrated Art while teaching Fine Arts at the High School level. (21 years-teaching painting, drawing, sculpture, ceramics, jewelry and making art with glass) I opened my jewelry studio to students -"Laborata Studio" in 2002, offering a variety of Metalsmithing classes and workshops in the evening for adults. I have studied and continue to study metalsmithing techniques.  I enjoy sharing metallurgy with students and offering them support for their creative endeavors.
After years of practice and interests in Eastern philosophy and Traditional Chinese medicine, I completed the following 4 programs: a 200 hr. RYT yoga and 2-300 hr. RYT yoga, a 300 hr. in TCM + Qigong and a Grand Reiki Master level.  I have always felt a deep connection for sharing perspectives and techniques through a variety of sources and mediums. I have recently created several "Art for Stress Reduction" workshops, to address the habitual stress we all endure, whether it be our daily life's struggles, the effects of illness, or the shifting changes in our world,  I find great joy in providing  artistic prompts and a setting for individuals to explore, release, and restore harmony to their well-being; whether this be through Yoga, Qigong, Meditation, Reiki or Art.

                                       Carol Ellis

Contact:  Tel: 603-568-9925

Carol Ellis
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